Piano Repairs

Whilst having a perfectly tuned piano is important, having a piano with a fully working action is just as essential; with around 12,000 moving parts working to play your favourite concerto, they do need to be maintained. From the keys to the action to the strings, to the pins, down to the pedal system. From simply felt replacement to regulating I can help to make your piano playing experience as enjoyable as possible.

Repair services:

  • String replacement
  • Action part replacement, such as hammer shanks, flanges, dampers and other wooden and moving parts
  • Action felt replacement
  • Center pin replacement
  • Key bushing replacement and easing
  • Key covering replacement
  • Regulating, including dampers and touch, key leveling and dip and hammer sacing
  • Pedal repairs
  • Toning and voicing

I will carry out some of these repairs during a tuning visit and include in the price of my visit, for example, if I have to replace one or two pieces of felt or have to perform a small amount of regulating. If an extensive amount of repairs are required I will inform you and discuss your options with you.

Replaeing a damper spring
Replaeing a damper spring